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Monday, August 4, 2014

Medical MIRACLE Report: UP Close and Personal!


8 Av, 5774

Life in Israel remains in the headlines.

Now you can better understand why I hope you'll appreciate the punchline hinted at below:


Are you in the mood to share nice news? Hang on for the punchline: 

For reasons too dreary to describe, I have not succeeded in accessing the disability-ending surgery that all my doctors - including hospital eye clinic professionals - want for me. I would see as normal people do within a mere 10 minutes and the stitch of 1 muscle. But Heaven decreed that this surgery was not to be. So...

My private eye doctor the one mentioned in the December 2011 Family First magazine - that tells the story of how I went blind and recovered - came up with a BETTER PLAN

She and her college students gave me specific daily exercises to strengthen my eye muscles and nerves. We held our breath and hoped for the best starting June 16 2014 and planned to meet again in September.


We had a serious situation these past few weeks due to my increasing struggle to read a PC monitor or a book with my reading glasses. 

I was called in for a full workup at the optometry college where my doctor teaches. The appointment was July 31st, a mere month or so after starting to do those healing/strengthening exercises. Top students examined me under the doctor's direction, after she stepped out of the exam room to let them proceed.

The exam results so startled the staff that they ran to get my doctor.

The shock was so strong that it seemed as if almost the whole class crammed into the exam room to meet me and to have a chance to examine my eyes.

We went from a serious emergency eye exam to a party atmosphere during the extensive checkup.
during the extensive checkup.

The exercises have so improved my vision that I probably have a whole 'nuther news article coming up. The new prescription for my eyewear, lower power than previously (as usual, thank GOD), has already been made for me. What blessings my doctor, her students and those exercises are, in my life!

I'd like to give a hat-tip to Robert Williams of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, as he has been an important part of my vision recovery.

And, I want to make this public THANK YOU to Av HaRakhamim Rofeh Cholim (Hebrew for Compassionate Father, Healer of the Sick)!

I'll add a plug for The One Above with an FYI on more medical blessings helping the whole wide world: 102 Ways that Israel is Helping the World.

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