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Monday, September 22, 2014

Catching up with Life and Wishing YOU a Sweeter One


27 Elul 5774

I've been rushing around the country this past month, interviewing for employment since I passing my final exams in ICD-10 medical coding.

If you need to remember what that means, here you go: I am skilled in translating a patient's medical records into specific alpha-numeric codes created by the World Health Organization. Medical researchers and medical insurance professionals use those codes in their work. People such as me save them hours and hours of time by reducing lengthy text into succinct coded summaries of exactly why someone needed medical care and which care they received.

OK, back to my life. It's been a tiring, time-consuming, EXPENSIVE and hectic effort mixed with fun social events.

Now I'm preparing for the start of the Jewish New year aka Rosh HaShana.

Care to join me in reading a wonderful, heartwarming essay about Rosh HaShana? It's at A Holy Family.

Here are some FYIs about the Jewish New Year:

(recorded in 2006 but 
SO relevant for today!
I bet you'll LUV every word/lesson
in the recording!)

Medical, emotional and mental health (financial, etc.) problems can make life seem unappealing. 

Holidays tend to make everything, including you, seem to be worse off. 

The reality, though, is that it's a matter of regaining a neutral - or even better - a POSITIVE perspective on the situations before you.

The fun part of the Torah-oriented point of view is that GOD/HaShem gives us still more chances to get things right. 

Life is literally a do-over.

I wish you a sweeter life, and perspective, in the new year 5775.

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