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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sukkot and Solutions to Medical Problems


14 Tishrei, 5777

It's a busy holiday season. After 10 days of penitence and the resolve to do better, Jews worldwide are preparing for the festive Sukkot festival.

Through it all people have contacted me about their need for:

  • Information on how to get glass bottles that can spray or hold medication, 

  • Learning who is the expert on this or that medical problem, 

  • Charitable resources that exist for paying someone's HUGE medical bills, 

  • and related matters.

I suggest that all of you find the answers to those exact questions, and others, in doctor-recommended

Once you order your copy, calm down with Naomi Shemer's lovely tune, Shlomit Builds a Sukka of Peace.

BTW, did you know that you can search online and in libraries about the medical properties of the etrog/citron used at Sukkot time?

I happen to make a delicious jelly from the fruit. It's hard work, but worth the flavor.

PS - Sukkot is not merely a holiday for the Jewish kids in the class. It's for everyone!

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