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Monday, November 21, 2016

Gaining Perspective with an Illness


I explain the title of It’s MY Crisis and I’ll Cry if I Need to: EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge in the preface: 

"One of the worst reactions people had to my news was saying with a sense of fatalism and religious superiority over me, "You shouldn't cry. GOD only gives people the challenges they can face."  I disagree. Many a good person has experienced a psychological or medical problem, and suffered terribly or not survived it. Some medical and emotional challenges destroy no matter how valiantly we fight to survive them. Other crises can be survived. It isn't fair to lump them all in one "You can do it!" category. It blames the patient, who is suffering already. No one on this planet is authorized to pass judgment on another person's trials and tribulations. That's GOD's job."

Other selections in the book deal with the senses of trauma, of powerlessness. of emasculation, and more, which hit many normal people who are ill.

When I coach people facing their illnesses, struggling to construct a plan for coping with the package, I long to find other models of how to gain healthy perspective about difficult situations.

This paragraph from an online essay captures what I want perfectly: 

"I can’t believe I get to do this work. It keeps me focused not on how low and lonely a person can be when things seem dark and stormy, but how high you can soar if you let God lift you up. I have no shame that I doubted God’s plan, and I no longer wonder if feeling angry and questioning God meant I didn’t really trust Him. I know now that in reality, my personal dialogue with God removed the distance and the interruptions I experienced in our relationship. Dislodging those thoughts brought me closer to Him."

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God, Stay Where I Can See You

God, Stay Where I Can See You

Shattered and made whole. Learning to trust God with everything.

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