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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dealing with Addiction


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Several mental health practitioners or practices are mentioned in the Global Resources section of the EMPOWER Yourself book. I urge you to make use of them, or the ones you prefer, especially if you or a loved one are dealing with any sort of addiction.

Unlike medical problems which can traced back to a definite cause or two, treated with medication, diet, lifestyle changes and/or surgery, the cause of an addiction is hard to identify. It is as much a physical problem as it is a mental health matter. That makes the situation even more complicated to understand and to treat. The overall problem is quite hard for lay people to understand. 

The situation is all the harder for the addict to overcome.
They suffer from the addiction, and from the lack of
awareness as to what is amiss in their minds.

Read on to learn of a subtle but powerful factor driving addiction. Educate yourself a bit, and do what you can to learn more in your quest to help an addict to move beyond it into a more productive, satisfying life. 

The article below is a simple starter kit, hardly the last word on how to overcome addictions. Keep in mind that every journey begins with the first step.

A years-ago television drama called ER showed its audience some of the ramifications of drug addiction, and confronting it. A hard-working, conscientious d

Read that Global Resources section and find out where to get help.

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