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Friday, January 12, 2018

Dealing with Your Disability with Class!


25 Tevet, 5778

It's definitely an emotional and physical challenge to deal with a disability. The effort can leave you feeling as if you need more air.

But some heroes among us face their challenges with class.

Study this news item and consider how YOU can face your challenges in emotionally satisfying ways.

An estimated 650 million people have a disability.
Some of them use the creative arts to create 
a life worth living rather than wallowing in despair.

Adversity can serve as a tool for gaining insight and more.

LOOK at these artists creating breath-taking, inspirational works
by using their mouths and feet, etc

See The display here.

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Batya said...

Great post. It is included in  Shiloh Musings: What's New in The Jewish Blogging World?

Enjoy the blog round up.