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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Loved One has Alzheimer's? Caregivers Need Compassion.


11 Iyar, 5778

Alzheimer's Disease is an exasperating, heart breaking situation in which someone's personality disappears over time. Loved ones ache at the impossibility of turning the clock back, of restoring memories and character traits while the person before them behaves unpredictably, sometimes in socially embarrassing ways.

The Lost Kitchen blog is one woman's account of her mom's deterioration from Alzheimer's. The situation has reached a crisis point. Anyone going through this ordeal would appreciate being understood for the rollercoaster of emotions they experience, the undue sense of guilt, and more.

See if you find the posts soothing, if you can identify with them, and calm down as you realize that "I'm doing the best I can with the tools that I have."

We're inching closer to making a decision. But in the meantime, my mom is taking music "lessons."…/2018/…/25/Undecided

With the very first note, Mom was standing by the piano. As “Somewhere” from West Side Story took shape and became familiar, Mom started singing with such…

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