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Monday, May 14, 2018

How to become Better, not Bitter: Winning Victories, Respect and Health (inside and out).


29 Iyar, 5778

Today's the last day in the Jewish month of Iyar, which stands for "I am GOD Your Healer." Many people pray passionately for themselves, or for someone else to be healed, all month-long. Go ahead, pack in all the power of your prayers today before the unusual opportunity ends (it's not just for the Jewish kids in the class)!

Iyar has been an especially exciting month in Israel, this year. 

We've celebrated Lag B'Omer, the anniversary of introspection about how to treat other people with due respect and much more. 

We've celebrated Jerusalem Day, the re-unification of our holiest city, Jerusalem (enemies of the Jews never seem to tire of trying to wrest us and our land from each other). 

While that day dawned, news of Netta Barzilai's win at the Eurovision contest thrilled people who appreciate diversity, open-heartedness, and music. 

Today, Monday, we're noting the grand debut of the American embassy in our nation's capital, Jerusalem.

Those hard-won accomplishments reflect a great deal of struggle to overcome spiritual dilemmas, lies, violence, heartache and despair.

When you or someone else endures a diagnosis, with all its painful ramifications, you know the thrill of achieving the smallest of victories, and certainly the BIG ones. 

The ability to think and to behave without a bitterness that sabotages your efforts is a blessing borne of the courage to be forging on alone, when nobody understands the pain or emotions within you, nor your focus on achieving difficult goals. 

You choose not to blame people, 
but to develop strengths that
carry you forward.

That's called "becoming better, not bitter."

Sometimes we must simplify the many issues and complications to the barest necessities and simplest presentations. Eventually we can include multi-faceted goals and efforts in our daily lives, but only after that path has been prepared with hard inner and outer work.

Here's an example of paring down the possibilities into manageable pieces of a struggle, dealt with one at a time: a presentation of the "Toy" song without the dramatics we witnessed during the Eurovision contest.

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