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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Promise Still Stands


10 Nisan 5770

Yesterday, a medical professional contacted me on Facebook, indicating that one of her patients had suffered from pre-Passover stress. I offered sympathy and wondered how I could comfort the many people stressed by life in all its complicated aspects. Holidays just seem to present us with the complete opposite of the emotions we want. Emotional health seems elusive at those times.

I definitely recommend ongoing dialogue with clergy, friends and therapists who respect you, your dreams, hopes, situations and concerns. And here's something that resonates with many hearts and souls: enriching music. It is a marvelous rendition of the Vehi Sh'amda passage in the Passover Hagada (the account of Jewish emancipation from Egyptian slavery). It is the GODLY promise to our ancestors, and to us, that all peoples will one day be blessed with enduring peace, plenty and happiness.

The promise still stands. For the entire world.

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