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Friday, March 14, 2014

Testing Well and Smiling Widely


12 Adar II,  5774

I've been studying around the clock for an ICD-10CM/PCS final exam these past few weeks. It covered everything I've studied since July. 

It's a nice feeling to report that I scored well and learned so much.

I'm now studying the latest versions of HCPCS  and CPT medical coding, which affect Americans and their insurance realities.

All along the way, my medical coding classes, books and other study materials teach me the importance of nurturing one's health (and protecting your health insurance).

I have a few more months to go before I'll graduate, and LOTS more studying to do. The pressure to excel at my work has been intense. It's also rewarding. I've learned of new ways to heal people.

I'm about to relax as I enjoy a few days of pure spirituality and good-natured fun with the holiday of Purim. I'll be smiling widely the whole time.

Look for my upcoming blogposts about innovations in the healthcare world.

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Batya said...

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I hope you'll take an active role in Havel Havelim and the other Jewish blog carnivals.