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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Inspirational Wonder


16 Tishrei, 5776

I've been very busy these past few weeks, helping people in some sort of medical crisis, and preparing for plus enjoying the series of Jewish New Year holidays. 

I'm also writing a paper that I hope will prove soothing to people who read it. A friend asked me to write it after Stephen Hawking's release of an August paper confirmed a theory I've had for decades. I had needed verification of my idea and now I have the support that proves my point. Stay tuned for developments regarding my pending presentation. 

I took time out to enjoy the Blood Moon show in the heavens Sunday night. I watched the live-action show outside my home. The moon looked serene, sitting upon a cloud of mist. It was huge, a peaceful, inspirational and awe-inspiring sight.

If you have not seen the live version of the Blood Moon, click here or here for camera feed of the event.

NASA TV has more material to enjoy.

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Enjoy this photo of the Carina Nebula,
for starters.

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