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Monday, December 14, 2015

A Fond Look at Life and the Future


2 Tevet, 5776

Today's the last day of Hanuka 5776, and I'm basking in the glow of many wonderful warm memories of the party I threw this week.

Over 50 celebrants shared the light of a wonderful holiday with me. Here are a few of the many photos I took, a fond look at life, loved ones, and the future before me.

I am grateful for the blessing of marvelous friends of many nationalities and outlooks, and the ability to be a hostess. 

It's been a long, hard effort to reach this reality.  It came with focused effort, spiritual growth, and a refusal to surrender to pain, dismissive medical mindsets and other setbacks. I hope that I have helped other people to see better realities along the way.

It is an astonishing blessing to use my eyes 
to see the miracles and wonders before me.

That I see at all is a HUGE miracle.

And that was only possible because I made seeing again a goal, strengthening my once traumatized body as much as possible and doing things that left me smiling.

By the way, the 8th last day of Hanuka is called Zot Hanuka. Click here to learn how it is packed with emotional plus spiritual meaning

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