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Sunday, December 13, 2015

EMPOWER Yourself to Prevent Cancer!


1 Tevet, 5776

Today's the first of the Jewish month Tevet. It's a time of return to the better self, and for redefining our best interests. I mention this because a heaviness in my heart motivates me to share the following thought with you.

I do medical writing for various clients and reasons. I recently interviewed relevant people about the construction of a 4-storey, state-of-the-art, cancer treatment center. 

I asked why it would be necessary, The quotes I gathered in response include a medical expert's remark that "Present lifestyles are causing increasing amounts of cancer in every age category."

I asked if medical practitioners know which activities tend to cause cancer, and was stunned to hear the experts list food additives, hygiene products, specific sexual activities, excessive exposure to tanning beds, insufficient medical care, and other things that are rather easily addressed.

Even babies are being born with cancer because their parents indulge in products or lifestyles conducive to causing cancer.

Want to avoid the agony?

Study up on optimal nutrition. Read accounts of how people saved their lives with wholesome food and a disdain for chemically altered products. Here's one, by a happily surprised oncologist!

Here's an item that many medical and mental health practitioners recommend:

Yes, drastic improvements in my menu enabled me to save my once-dwindling life, even to restore my sight.

Doctors and friends now admire my better-than-average health.

Plenty of evidence exists that wholesome diets indeed prevent cancer.

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