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Friday, February 26, 2016

How to Enjoy Meals without Discomfort


17 Adar 1, 5776

Ever have completely embarrassing reactions to the foods you eat, and wonder why that happens?

Rear Exhaust (what doctors call "flatulence" but most people call "farts") and other problems such as bloating, beelching or nausea are preventable.

The article below can educate you about how to prevent the problems.

One of the problems with our eating efforts these days are the competitive marketing and capable shipping industries. They provide the public with out-of-season foods that our bodies don't need and can't use.

Do yourselves a favor: Dine on the foods in season right where you live. That's nature, GOD's way of providing you with nourishment that enables you to cope with current weather conditions (e.g., moist fruits in hot, humid climates, cookable root vegetables, etc., in cold areas). 

Life was simpler in the old days because contemporary lifestyles didn't suffer from mass marketing that focused on income rather than human health. Live simply. Reduce the stress on your soul and body.


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