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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Cost-Cutting Information for Medical Bills in a Soothing Manner


13 Cheshvan, 5778

Medical realities can be frightening, expensive and painful. 

Learn how to lower the cost to your emotions and wallet.

I read the news item below and knew that the world needs to know of the cost-cutting information in the Global Resources section of

Find out how to acquire 1st-quality care, medication, medical appliances, medical transportation, medical service pets, even help with paying some or all of your specific medical bills. 

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I collected necessary information to help you with just about any diagnosis.

Here's an illustration of why I knew that gathering the information for my readers was necessary:

Cost of breast cancer burdensome for many patients

When Roberta Woodard underwent breast cancer treatment last year, the disease took a toll not only on her health, but also on her bank account. The first part of her treatment was one day of intense chemotherapy per week for 16 weeks. The 48-year-old Salisbury woman, a paraprofessional who works...

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