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Thursday, November 9, 2017

How to Cope with, and Minimize, Inner Pain


20 Cheshvan, 5778

One glance at the morning headlines left me with a need to shut off the input. So much crime and heartache. 

Having experienced both, I understand the agony in the hearts of many people. Someone in the midst of suffering that seems overwhelming, to the point of not being able to envision a sweeter future, is feeling pure agony.

I offer some insights that you might find inspirational and soothing from a speaker whose remarks and books I enjoy:

 "Emotions are a call to action."  
"The journey is the destination."

And to paraphrase a long lecture from this man, I'll add 

"A woman twisting
 in the throes of birth pains 
does not suffer. 
Yes she is in pain, 
but knowing that the pain 
is directed at producing a life, 
giving birth to another soul, 
fills her with pleasure. 
She is partnering with GOD
in the creation of life."

– Rabbi David Aaron

My thoughts on the matter: 
"All of us mortals 
who experience 
searing emotional pain
over some issue or event
are giving birth 
to the development 
of our souls.

Our inner strengths are galvanizing 
as our insights grow.

Yes we weep, 
but we come away
from such experiences
with greater emotional 
and spiritual power."

Do what you can to restore your weary spirits when you feel worn out and clueless. Reach out to trusted confidantes, and indulge in activities which soothe you.

Do not drown your pain in mindless, harmful activities. Let the pain alert you to the nobleness of your very self, of your integrity. 

Let it guide you to greater achievements.


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