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Monday, December 11, 2017

On the Mend


23 Kislev, 5778

As noted in the EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge book, getting better can be boring!

I've livened things up with beautiful classical music recordings and by listening to interesting TEDTalk presentations and lectures elsewhere (e.g., Khan Academy I read and reread favored books. And I enjoy conversations with visitors and phone callers.

I joke with friends that I imagine being in a spa, with lots of time to relax with some of my favorite things.

I also offset boredom and disappointment, including inner and outer pain, by counting my blessings.

Loving friends have done me several favors, easing my efforts to cope with the pain. It is abating daily. 

The highly nutritious, organic food in my kitchen is a huge help, too. Any shock to the system drains a person's reserves, so restoring optimal levels of vitamins and minerals with appealing meals is a pleasant way to recover from setbacks. 

You can do this, too: Let your eyes enjoy the colorful sight, let your nose savor the aromas, allow your mouth to absorb wonderful flavors. Luxuriate with the overall impact of having cared for yourself in fine fashion, even if it's "just" a piece of cake or as bowl of soup! 

Strengthen yourself with delightful treats that build inner and outer strength.

I spent Shabbat being quite functional, taking a rest here and there, even enjoying lunch at the home of friends. Most days I don't even need a painkiller during daylight hours.

Some days I feel sucker-punched, though. Shingles are a weird phenom. Shabbat was the first time I could bend forward at the waist. The affected nerves and muscles are in such severe spasm that I couldn't do that before the weekend. 

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