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Sunday, December 31, 2017

When Online Life and/or Games Interfere with Real Life


13 Tevet, 5778

You've surely noticed that I've been blogging less than usual this past year. It's a result of my concern that some people are online too long and too often, neglecting the richness of real time life and actual interactions with the people sharing your air space.

There's genuine value in enjoying fresh air, exercise, sunshine, and live social interactions rather than stultifying (boring, irritating, tedious, absurd, take your pick - whatever applies) online activity. But some of us spend a harmful amount of time and effort in viewing or commenting on too much input.

"Social media" is a misnomer. As Miss Manners indicates, "sharing is about teaching little ones about giving access to toys" and to other favored things or people. But online life seems to an "All about me" mindset as people bombard each other with unrequested photos of food, pets and other non-essentials. Recipients tying to keep up with the overload lose track of their obligations to themselves and to other people.

There's another aspect to online life that's causing concern to professionals in the medical and mental health world. I shared an FYI about that via facebook:

Yocheved Golani In 2018 the World Health Organization will be updating their mental health conditions to include "gaming disorder" to their International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10 medical coding for research and insurance reimbursement purposes, in which I'm certified). 

The definition of the problem will be categorized as playing video games for an unhealthy amount of time and that the game-playing person, plus observers watching the game player, being convinced that they cannot stop. Self-control will be the core issue, and the mindset which damaged/destroyed it. See this article on Mashable:

Speak with a competent mental health professional about how to help [someone whose life has been disrupted with the problem].

Gaming disorder is similar to other addictions.

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The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) will surely be updated with relevant information, too. 

Please read and re-read that facebook message. You probably know someone who needs relevant help. You might be able to help them to get it just by knowing that such help exists.

Quiet contemplation sans keyboards and monitors is an important part of a goal-directed and satisfying life.

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