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Friday, February 16, 2018

EMPOWER Yourself! Let the Global Resources section Help YOU Past Medical Setbacks!


1 Adar (the real first day!), 5778

The Global Resources section of 

follows the prose which calms people reading the book or with loved ones. Sometimes the prose leaves readers laughing out loud.

I suggest that you read that Global Resources section, too, and several times.

You might be surprised to learn of some cutting-edge practitioners and treatments that can help you.

One of my readers accessed the very doctor I recommended for treating fibromyalgia. Let's look at her recent update, which she permits me to share with you:

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New post on Fibro Buddies

9 year Guaifenesin Protocol progress report by Laurie Sussman

by Christine
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in 1997 after a horrible car accident. My neurologist at the time sent me for every test in the book and then some, before she made the diagnosis.  I struggled with teaching for the next 10 years, sometimes wearing braces on my arms or back to keep upright, and sometimes without full vision in one eye from the fibromyalgia.
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