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Friday, February 23, 2018

The Power of Optimism


8 Adar, 5778

Whew, the happiness of Purim  culminates next week (Wednesday night and Thursday for most people this year, Thursday night and Friday for Jews in Jerusalem). I'm hanging on to that as sad headlines fill newscasts.

About feeling down... Plato had something to say about that.

Let's look at life from a different angle, to cheer up a bit, OK?

  I want to share some nice news. This past summer, the neuro-ophthalmologist following my case (recovery from total blindness due to crushed optic nerves, and very compromised health) made an announcement dictated into my official medical records. He indicated that none of the staff members had had a clue how to help me to see again once the BENIGN brain tumor had been removed after crushing my optic and other nerves. However, "full credit goes to the patient who invested in alternative healing techniques" and recovered her vision and strength (I do aerobics, swim, bike, work, and have a social life). She had faith in herself and her future, and figured out how to restore her sight. 

Read about what I'd done to heal, how and why other ill people can mimic those actions and mindsets to heal as well as they can, too. 

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