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Monday, March 26, 2018

FUNdraiser! You can Share the Joy!


10 Nisan, 5778

Passover aka Pesakh/Pesach begins Friday night. Jews worldwide are praying for our eternal freedom from hatred, violence, spiritual derailment, and other nasty problems so that we can pursue our spiritual destiny without distraction.

Meanwhile, I want to focus on something else, too. Last week I indicated that I'd helped to prepare a fund raising effort. That  happened after I'd advised the woman involved of the healing efforts that she needed to make.

Here's the link to the page, presented by the patient's husband: Restoring Talent Buried by Pain

Here's a look at the healing in progress. You can help it along with a donation to the cause.

Sitting in the beautiful sun for the first time in many months, having walked to this park on my own two feet with very minimal pain, basking in gratitude to Hashem for bringing me to this moment in life, where I feel that I Will Be Able to HEAL. My retreat in Jerusalem at the house of a talented doctor, a Chinese medicine practitioner, is the right thing at the right time. I think I'll heal. I'm beginning to believe it. It's happening. 

Please don't ask me to feature YOUR fundraising effort. I have been very involved in this one as a friend of the woman involved. I can vouch for the accuracy of her predicament.

It's been fun to witness Sarah's improving health. May she be blessed for a full, pleasant recovery.

You can share the joy in her recovery with a donation via the Restoring Talent Buried by Pain link.

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