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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What to Do When YOU Can't Afford a Doctor


12 Nisan, 5778

Last year, 44% of the Americans who felt sick enough to see a doctor didn't. The cost was too high, according to this poll.

So much for obamacare, an allegedly Affordable Care Act. I have long referred to it as ObaNOcare.

I don't know what Americans can do to afford a general practitioner every time they want to consult one. But I sure do know that you - no matter where you live or which insurance plan you have - might profit from reading the Global Resources section of

That part of the book lists the contact information for worldwide, cutting-edge practitioners, charitable organizations and other resources willing and ready to reduce your costs for specific medical bills. 

There is information about to get in on clinical trials.

There is information about no-cost-to-you medical flights.

There is information about how to acquire first-quality medication, medical appliances, medical care, and more, paid for partially or completely by someone else.

Readers around the world have reached out to thank me for the information and to let me know how it helped them!

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