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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Burn the Calories before Eating Anything!


20 Kislev, 5779

Hanuka happens in a week, and it's so exciting! A holiday for everyone to respect, it's about stopping bullies in their tracks. There's more to the Hanuka happening, but too much to explain here.

Psych yourself up to improve your muscles with increased strength. I shared some ideas about affordable holiday gifts the other day, and all of them can be used to improve your overall health, let alone your muscular health.

Here's some more information that might benefit you:

Finding the Right Number of 'Reps' When Strength Training
When you first start strength training, almost any weight you lift will bring some results. But also use this time to learn proper form, the American College of Sports Medicine...
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Do those repetitions before you dine on anything, and you'll be burning calories before you begin to eat!

Do the exercises daily (until you feel tired!) and you can reset your metabolism to burn calories more than you do now.

Okay, now you  know how to burn off the extra calories that you're likely to swallow during the hectic holiday season. Minimize the overindulgence temptation by eating proper meals before you go to parties. You'll be less hungry when you're feeling full. Sip water instead of sugary drinks overloaded with calories.

You'll be trimmer for the effort. Losing weight is good for lowering blood pressure and other health risks.

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Fill your plate with good sense.

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