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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Praying for Relief


 6 Kislev, 5779. 

My temporary silence on this blog resulted from physical and mental weariness at repeatedly being wakened by sirens alerting me and my neighbors that bombs were headed in our direction. 

It was quite taxing to cope with our emotions, and hard to strategize schedules while minding personal safety. 

I've recovered my composure, and here's today's blogpost: 

We're in trying times from wildfires, incessant bomb attacks (470 in southern Israel within less than 36 hours, this week alone), political upheavals (Brexit? Where's the exit?), an opioid drug epidemic that's defying any semblance of control (too complicated an issue to explain further on this blog), and so on. 

A person can wonder "Where's GOD in all this?" 

Worse, we feel that routine or spontaneous prayers are pointless, resulting in the same old same old (i.e., unchanging, non-improving and unpleasant reality). 

Praying tends to be a dreary, repetitive, non-inspirational activity for some people. Perhaps the following thoughts will help you to improve on that. 

Think of the many times that you confided the same old stuff, once again, to the same person (friend, relative, therapist, name the individual who fills the blank for you). You think, and sometimes announce, that this is a boring routine, not helpful, until... you realize that you feel relief from having vented your sense of frustration, misery, bewilderment, etc. 

Okay, now apply that situation to your prayerful efforts. 

Go on, recite the complaints you have to GOD. Pour it on,GOD's ears are the biggest ones in the universe. 


Vent again. 

Vent some more, until you hear yourself sigh. 

That's a psychological signal that you've expressed everything on your mind. You sense that you have communicated as best you can. Relish the sense of relief. GOD's wonders are never-ending. 

Take on the day, one task at a time. GOD is managing the universe while you're coping as best you can. 

Good things are happening all over. Look for them. Embrace the happiness they evoke. Let that build strength inside you.

And remember: You can vent to GOD. It's what prayer is for, when you're not saying "Thank you" for some blessing bestowed on you, asking for specific needs to be met, or praising GOD for some reason important to you.


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