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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can Bacon, Beer, Cheese and Some Sources of Water REALLY Endanger Your Health?


18 Tishrei 5770

Some readers find the pro-vegetarian content of my book a bit more than they're ready to absorb. Those slabs of processed meat in the upper right corner do look juicy and tempting, I'll agree. But are they worth eating if they might kill your lifespan and the fun you want to have in life???

A woman who used to joke that candy bar in each hand made a "balanced meal," I once enjoyed hotdogs, cold cuts (lunch meats) and other chemically preserved foods as much as the next junk-food junkie.

Then I suffered through 5 benign
brain tumors in 15 years.

Medical professionals couldn't explain the
phenomenon nor why
more people worldwide
were experiencing the problem.

I made a determined decision to find out
how to turn the situation around despite
the medical world's lack of help.

I succeeded - with an organic, no-dairy diet.

Now I'm one of the healthiest people
my medical team and I know.

Need more convincing to believe that your local grocery store might be causing your medical problems? Read on to learn the answer to this question: "How Did Brown University Reasearchers Realize that Bacon, Beer, Cheese and Some Sources of Water Endanger Your Health?"

Brown University's study on nitrites and nitrates in foods provided evidence that "...increased prevalence rates of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and diabetes cannot be explained on the basis of gene mutations. They instead mirror the classical trends of exposure-related disease. Because nitrosamines produce biochemical changes within cells and tissues, it is conceivable that chronic exposure to low levels of nitrites and nitrosamines through processed foods, water and fertilizers is responsible for the current epidemics of these diseases and the increasing mortality rates associated with them.

None of the researchers had decided to raise my book sales when they began their study about killer foods and beverages. Ready to learn how to adjust to the "Some food is just BAD for you" news with minimal fuss and long-term benefits?

Learn about succulent mango-filled Sushi, sumptuous salads with home made dressings and more health health-promoting menus when you read book. Medical and mental heath professionals are using it to improve their lives and those of their patients! Read the right-hand margin for relevant remarks ;^ )

Yocheved Golani
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