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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A GREAT Way to Protect Yourself from Breast Cancer!


20 Tishrei 5770

I've been traveling this week, enjoying the Sukkot holiday season with sights, sounds and tastes that enrich the soul (We bypassed the fragrant vineyards of Zichron Yakov as we headed to our destination, yesterday. We rode a boat over the Sea of Galilee, picnicked at Moshava Kineret, saw and tasted the lush, beautiful and delicious results of 18th-century immigrants who turned part of the Galilee coastline into an oasis of olive, date, fig, mango, papaya, coconut and flowering trees. The weather was hot, clear and gorgeous with fragrant air from milk farms and the Seven Species Native to Israel. The sun kissed our skin daylong. We rode horse-drawn carriages, and dipped our toes in tiny lakes dotting the countryside. Children nuzzled noses with goats and a few were allowed to take the reins of trained carriage horses).

Happiness is good for health. So are pure foods. Psychiatrists know that whole foods reality, too!

Several people recognized me or overheard me speaking about my book while I moved about. They asked me a question I often hear: "WHAT do you drink or eat most, as a vegetarian focused on healing?"

The answer is: "ANYTHING organic filled with Vitamin C! I chug orange juice to beat champions, add tomatoes to salads plus to rice with lentil dishes and whatever I can think of. I snack on pineapple daily."

Okay, now that you can answer a trivia question about one of your favorite bloggers, let's digress to an important point:

October is International
Breast Cancer Awareness month!

So far, the western medical world lacks a cure for cancer. One excellent tool for survival is EARLY DETECTION & TREATMENT.

THE BREAST CHEK KIT--a medically endorsed, patented product greatly enhances early detection of breast tissue changes. By performing a monthly breast self examination with this kit you can take charge of your own health with much more confidence.

Buy it today, no matter where you live!

It's newly available in Israel. Contact Florence at cell phone 0543.008.478 and let her know I sent you.

Here's a movie created by a retired psychotherapist celebrating his wife's victory over the disease. Click on

One more thing: the evidence is growing that sugary foods (pastas, rice, breads, cookies, etc.) feed cancer cells. It's not realistic for most people to immediately get all that out of their diets. I recommend that you gradually taper it out as you find delicious substitutes for favorite foods that might damage your health. Sprout breads, quinoa and baked goods or fresh whole foods can please the palate and your sense of satisfaction while nourishing your immune system. Invest in some whole foods cookbooks and enjoy food preparation lessons at local health food shops.

Er, I recommend that you limit your fish intake. The oceans seem troubled with too much mercury these days.

Learn more about how to
promote your health
with a dinner plate.

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Yocheved Golani
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