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Friday, October 2, 2009

Which Writer Does "AMAZING, Thorough, Efficient and OUTSTANDING Research"?


14 Tishrei 5770

Readers, I'm blushing as I type, but willing to do so in order to portray an important point relevant to each of us.

I write about medical and other issues as an author, journalist and provider of writing services. I pride myself on quality work and that NOT ONCE in my writing career (1992 until today - and beyond, I pray) has an editor needed to publish errata to correct a gaffe I made.

Here's a blurb that one of my recent interview subjects, Stuart Nitzkin - the USA's National Director of Israel Sport Center for the Disabled, shared with colleagues at
LinkedIn, an online global business resource:

Stuart Nitzkin has endorsed your work as
Author, Journalist, Writer at Yocheved Golani INK.

Dear Yocheved, I've written this
recommendation of your work
to share with other LinkedIn users.

"I have had the privilege to work with
Yocheved on an article and it was
nothing less than an amazing experience.
Her attention to detail and thoroughness
are second to none. The accuracy at which she
portrayed the topic and efficiency at which
she completed the article was outstanding.
I would recommend Yocheved anytime
as she will be a huge asset to any project."

Mr. Nitzkin and I were strangers to each other before we interacted. Now if he so greatly appreciates my attention to detail and accuracy in one brief relationship, imagine how much YOU can benefit by reading the E-book I've written to meet your medical and emotional needs for coping with medical crises:


It's YOUR Crisis! The text validates YOUR need to cry, then EMPOWERS You to Cope with a Medical Challenge.

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