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Friday, October 9, 2009

How can a Glass of Pure Water Protect YOUR Health and Fertility?


21 Tishrei 5770

Let's continue a line of thought from yesterday's blogpost and my Self-Help Coaching skills. Cancer and infertility are messing up many lives around the globe. Stricken people are dumbfounded that they could suffer such problems. "After all," they reason, "I took care of myself. Ate well, drank lots of water, just like those natural health counselors advise. Local and national governments have standards for preventing disease in the food and water sytems. I know that what I ate and drank was clean, bug- and germ-free.
I even switched from BPA-filled plastic water bottles to aluminum stuff. How could this happen to me???"

The answer is as startling as can be: The government-supervised foods and water you ingested might have been loaded with health-endangering chemicals. Yes, they prevented mold, bug infestations and sewage from seeping into your food and water supply. But how that was arranged seems to be the problem causing rising cancer and infertility rates.

How do I know?

Read this educational news item: Dangerous BPA Leaks from Alumium Bottles.

Then read:
EPA Re-evaluating Hormone-disrupting Pesticide Atrazine in Water Supplies.

URGENT UPDATE: Scientists at Tufts Studying BPA as a Possible Cause of Breast Cancer

Somebody poisoned the well.
And the water bottle.

Replace your chemically-laden plastic kitchenware over time as a protective measure. Use health-promoting wood, cast iron, glass, ceramic and porcelain items instead. Glass bottles or genuine glass drinking cups won't fill you with BPA and who-knows-what that might be disclosed in the future. Ceramic mugs are good, too - if they're lead-free. Fill your kitchen cupboards with cutlery and cookware made of natural elements.

And get a water filter!

Need water when you're on the go? Clean out empty glass wine and grape juice bottles and use them in a shoulder-strap water carrier as I do.

Want to improve more of your dietary habits, to increase the chances of better health and/or fertility? Consider reducing the
fried and barbecued foods on your menu. They're known to cause problems, too (that's OLD News! ).

There's still a world of scrumptious, body-building menus to enjoy. They can protect and improve your health.

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Yocheved Golani
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Maya Norton said...

Thanks for these great tips, Yocheved. I'm going to read your post again and make a mental list of everything you've written.

~ Maya

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Yocheved Golani said...

Helping others is what my efforts are about, Maya. Life is so busy with people, iphones, cell phones, Internet, pagers, traffic, and the rest of reality distracting our once-focused attention spans that we mortals tend to lose focus on moment-to-moment realities. I do what I can to alert people to simple ways to help themselves to thrive.

Best, YG