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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lift Your Spirits in One Click!


I want to follow up recent blogposts with something that can get you into a different and dynamic dimension of reality.

You're sad and tired over being sick. Life seems to have slowed down, gone all wrong.

"Why me?" and "Why can't I be like everybody else?" might be questions haunting your heart and mind.

Lectures from the pulpit aren't helping you. Clergy, therapy, whatever. They're not making your life better. You even wonder if GOD cares about you and your suffering.

I understand.

Well, sometimes GOD talks to us in astonishingly unexpected ways. Here's a blessing: A YouTube video that demonstrates the answer to the question "Why must you be like everybody else?"

I thank Randy Gage for alerting the Twitter world to this video.

Readers, I send you my wishes through a time-honored Jewish blessing: May you go from strength to strength.

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Yocheved Golani
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