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Friday, August 17, 2007

About the Life Coaching that I Do

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I'm breathless with anticipation for my book to be released. Success is all in the details (as are You-Know-Who and the yukky other you-know-who). I'll post the purchase information details as soon as they're reality.

Meanwhile, I want to draw your attention to the Life Coaching that I do.

My newest client made such remarkable progress since I began working with her in mid-July 2007. Now she sleeps better, is maintaining her diet, quit the job causing her sleepless nights and acid stomach, gets better results from her teen children (THAT is always a miracle!), found a better job just over a month after starting to work with me, and crows about my ability to zero in on problematic areas (yep, my intuition pays off in spades!) to help her to get the results she wants.

I help male clients, too. Ladies, I can assure you that men think of more than what you're accusing them of. That, too, but there's a whole lotta excellent character to admire in many men.

I draw on a diverse background of experience and expertise at helping people to go forward. I learned a lot about the human mind in my previous career as a Health Information Management professional in the USA. I examined medical and psychiatric records for legal, statistical, insurance and other purposes. I interacted with medical and mental health professionals from diverse areas of practice. The exposure led to quite an education about human thought processes.

Once certfied as an EMETT leader (based on the works of psychologist Dr. Miriam Adahan), I opted to study spiritual healing under the guidance of former Denver resident Ilan Feldman. I also studied the Psych-K Belief Change System and my successes at helping others mushroomed. These skills and my personal experience at coping with a horrific life and death situation led to the manuscript being published for the benefit of people facing their own medical and emotional crises. It's MY Crisis! can help you and or a loved one to manage the emotional and physical turmoil of a medical or emotional challenge.

Look for my next "post" after the weekend and buy your copy soon. All the best, Yojeved


Anonymous said...

It seems that this can be significant turning point in treating; human brain is still unknown to scientists so that new approaches and systems are in great option. That why we can have great expetations from the book.

Yocheved Golani said...

Thank you. And thank you for stayiong on contact with me long after your purchase. I'm happy to help whomever i can.