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Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Book is Being Prepared for Sale as You Read this Update ;^ )

18 Av 5767, August 2 2007

It's a wonderful day in my writing life! Booklocker's staff is getting my book ready for international distribution as you read these words. And while your eyes are here, I want to add a BIG message of thanks to my wonderful, compassionate, intelligent and completely full of integrity publishers, Angela and Richard Hoy.

As soon as the URL for online purchases is ready, I will post it here. I will include information for bulk purchases at discounted prices.

That purchase information should make life simpler for business owners desiring to sell my book to clients. Several business owners have already contacted me to request such information. Yep, word is out around the world that "It's MY Crisis!" is a wonderful, inspiring read.

Expect to read my MEDIA RELEASE at this blog soon. I plan to send it to key people throughout broadcast and print media plus online news resources, and of course to the publishing, medical and mental health industries. A MEDIA RELEASE, by the way, is different from a press release. It is designed to be used by Internet sites, broadcast and print media, as well as by laypersons interested in receiving the information.

Information about the Life Coaching side of my life will be included with that Media Release and my forthcoming book.

Best of health to you and every blessing for goodness in your life,

Yojeved/Yocheved (see the left-hand margin for the reason why I spell my name two ways)

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