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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Have a Good Health Care Idea?

10 Tevet 5768

My Israeli blog visitors might be interested to know that the Health Ministry invites Israel's citizens to submit requests for new Health Basket benefits.

Suggestions by local citizenry will be prioritized along with those submitted by medical professionals, then added to the recommendations being prepared for the Finance Ministry (it subsidizes national health services). At least that’s what was reported on Page 7 of the Jerusalem Post this past Friday.

Send your politely phrased ideas to public.sal @ (remove the spaces on either side of the @ symbol after you copy & paste the info into your E-mail system).

While we’re on the topic of health care ideas, here are some ways you can avoid trips to the doctor or pharmacy. All you need is a nearby garden or a peek into your kitchen cupboards:

Want to boost your immune system without a big expense? Buy organic Curcumin/Tumeric and cook it in soups, rice, vegetable and meat stews. I even lightly powder salads with it. Adjust the al dente amount according to your preferences.

Here's a bit of exciting information about Curcumin/Tumeric from The Brain Tumor Society (a fan of my blog named Cindi alerted me to it):

I recommend using canned Crisco (a small container reserved for the changing table) on baby's behind. It will now remain rash and odor-free because ammonia won’t develop on the tender skin. Wash baby’s bottom with pure soaps and water and use cloth diapers as often as possible to minimize diaper-area problems.

Cradle Cap comes off after you've smeared vegetable oil on it. Let it sit a few minutes. A gentle rubdown with baby soap, a simple terry cloth washrag or towel wipes it off. Baby will probably coo as you work. Kiss as often as you wish.

Honey on boo-boos (even for youngsters and adults) is painless and curative. DO NOT use honey on infants under one year of age. It’s life-threatening if they eat it, and babies tend to lick their wounds, let alone sweet stuff.

Aloe juice also cures boo-boos and it dries upon skin like a protective bandage. If you don’t have an aloe plant in the garden or potted in the house, buy one.

Mint toothpaste on itchy bug bites ends the misery. And you'll never have cavities on your ankles or knuckles ;^ )

Liquid soap also ends bug bite itch.

Want to keep bugs off you without using chemical preparations from the store? Crush a clove of garlic, put the liquid in an empty, clean spray bottle and add a bit of water. Spray the liquid lightly onto your sox. You can spray crushed garlic juice and water mixtures onto plants infested with bugs and they will leave the area.

Cooled teabags end under-eye puffiness when you rest them on your lids (my neurosurgeon mentioned this as I giggled upon hearing an old, reliable truth!)

A bar of soap (any type) between the bottom sheet and your mattress cover ends middle-of-the-night leg cramps, though I don’t know why. You get used to the bump (sort of) and if you’re really talented, you can scoot the bar of soap into juuuust the right spot using your ankles. Yeah, there, under that cramped calf muscle… ahhhh….relief! After a week or so, you won’t suffer leg cramps at night. Just keep that soap bar on the mattress pad for long-lasting comfort.

Men, this is for you: you don’t have to scratch your itchy backs on the corner of a doorway any longer. Just grab a plastic pasta fork with smoothly curved prongs and rub it over your shirt above the itchy area (no, not directly on your skin! Yuk!). I refuse to name the guy who taught me that maneuver because he wants to trademark it. I bet he and his wife can still hear me laughing over transatlantic waters… Listen, it saves wear and tear on your skin, let alone the sweater you might be wearing… Give it a try.

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To your good health,

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