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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Here's How to Tame that Too Much To-Do List


24 Tevet 5772

The key to finishing multiple tasks, or even one task, is to start working on them!

Illness, disabilities, and all the tedious tasks of managing with them can leave you feeling sleepy, foul tempered and/or defeated. Insurance regulations and blizzards of associated paperwork are monsters. Appointment schedules can drive you nutz as you try to schedule conflicting dates. Scheduling hard-to-get rides causes BIG headaches. So do other "little" details such as remembering how to combine medications or even when to take them, to prevent new health problems. And what about your inefficient personal funding for those medical costs looming all around you? 


You need to Tame that Too Much To-Do List.
And yourself.

Now, imagine yourself  dashing across a red ribbon finish line. Your mind and heart swell with pleasure and relief at the successful moment.

Ready to cross the starting line?

Find out why so many medical and mental health professionals agree that EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge can help you to get the right things done first, second, and third.

The writing is full of good humor and funny stories from famous people who teach all of us how to achieve a victory and how to avoid too many distractions.

If you hear yourself or someone you care about
saying things like:
Someday . . .
I’m going to try . . .
As soon as I have some time . . .
Right now it’s on my back burner . . .

You just know that there are too many things
that aren't getting done.

Find out how to put your priorities in order. Succeed with managing your medical, emotional and/or disability life.

Yes, it's payback time for all that unnecessary suffering that procrastination or confusion added to your life.

Achieve your goals. Reach your finish line. How? Cross the starting line.

I thank my online friend businessman Harry Burstyn for sharing ideas I could translate into medical mindsets.

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