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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lose Weight, Live Healthier Lives and LOVE the Food!


1 Shvat 5772

Not keeping those "Lose weight" new year's resolutions are you? I suspect that this is not just about willpower. It's about flavor. A meal is something to savor.

You can lose weight, lower your bad cholesterol levels and love the experience. All it takes are some almonds, barley, cinnamon, fruit, garlic, ginger, grape seed oil, oatmeal, olive oil, pistachios, salad fixings, sea salt, walnuts, whole grains and lots of other delicious foods.

Fill your flavorful dreams with whole foods and pure water, teas, juices and other natural fare. It's the packaged, processed gunk coming off the assembly lines that are ruining your waistline - and possibly lowering your timeline. They're loaded with fat, salt and synthetic chemicals that human bodies don't need. The goo just messes up your metabolism and much more.

Watch your health turn into something better, and more affordable, day by day. Don't believe me? I used to joke that a candy bar in each hand made a balanced meal. Then I turned a deadly diagnosis into a medical recovery miracle by improving my diet.

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