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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vacation Station


15 Sivan 5772

I decided to get out in the wider world a bit and took a mini-vacation for a few days. I've seen some pretty flowers, trees and grasses dancing under the breezes in the countryside. Today I watched the waves at lovely Carmel Beach, on my return trip.

Kindhearted people assisted me with my luggage as I traveled on trains, and used staircases. I'm grateful for their gracious generosity of spirit.

I'm simply breathing in the happy memories of the people with whom I interacted, the healing work I've accomplished with people who needed it, and the friendships that have grown stronger with real life interactions.

This blog served as a bit of a Vacation Station as I sought out ideas for innovative content to benefit my readers. I've readied some posts to go "live" in the next few days, by using distant PCs and plain old paper and pen.

Looking forward to your responses to the new content, starting tomorrow,

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