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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shoveling Your Way to Better Perspective!


10 Sivan 5772

One of the noticeable characteristics in EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge is the cheerful dialogue going on between the reader and the writer. Yes, readers keep letting me know that it seems they can hear me "speaking" to them about their concerns as they look at the book. They tell me that they feel more optimistic and energized while reading and after taking action on the suggestions in the text.

Why did I focus so much on the happiness and optimism factor when I wrote that reading material? Because negativity is like a nasty shovel. If you keep repeating the awful stuff going on in your life, it becomes something of a mantra. Not good. That repetitive recitation of your woes is flinging them into your immediate and long-term future. Happiness, and the potential for it, are literally buried under the pile. It's an image I learned from my dear friend, Penina Tal-Ohr.

Read the jokes and witticisms in the book and share them with loved ones, friends, and medical personnel - even your bus or taxi driver! Describe your future in ever-better terms, Count your blessings, announce your successes and focus on what's going right. Fling yourself into a nicer future with an optimistic attitude. 

Practice makes perfect. It'll stop feeling fake after a while.

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