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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Drug-Free Pain Relief! Pain Management Products that are Affordable, Pleasant and User-friendly!


17 Iyar 5772

All in a day's work (mine starts before dawn). Early this morning I sent this message in response to an information request from a USA Today Reporter:

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RE: 2) Summary: Pain Management Products

Name: Katy Tomasulo USA Today
Category: Biotech and Healthcare
Media Outlet: USA Today
Deadline: 1:00 PM EST - 11 May


I am compiling pain management products for an upcoming "Pain Management" magazine published by USA Today. I'm looking for products aimed at relieving chronic pain for all parts of the body, including feet, back, and head. I am only interested in non-drug-related products. These might include but aren't limited to insoles, heating pads, rubs, etc.

Requirements: Please reply to this query with a brief description of the product and, if available, a link to more information. Please do not send attachments as they will not make it through the HARO system. I will contact you for additional information, images, and pricing once we've narrowed down the submissions. Thanks very much!

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