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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Catching UP When You Feel Life has Left You Behind


9 Sivan 5772

A journalist as well as an author, my schedule is filled with several complicated projects. One of them was not contracted for. It was a recent conversation with friends over a dinner together.

Those friends informed me of people suffering medical problems and all the emotional and financial costs that tend to go with them. We sighed together. I then named the pages of

that held solutions for the specified problems. As promised, I met with one of the affected individuals to offer some words of comfort and direction. Several days and book sales later, a grateful parent thanked me for having written the book: "Yocheved, now I feel like I'm catching up after I felt like life had  left me and my family behind." 

I'm still crying over the privilege of having been able to help yet another person struggling with medical, mental health or disability issues.

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