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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Masculinity and Healing Part 2!


28 Iyar 5772

As promised, here's Part Two, selections about the masculinity of healing and needing help from

Say these statements out loud: I will ask people to help me to walk, to reach medical appointments, to do my housecleaning, and laundry. I will let people know my dietary needs and ask them to help me with appropriately prepared meals.

You have vastly improved your spiritual state already. You're not mourning you're living.

Want to increase the speed on your psychological progress in coping with a medical challenge and/or crisis? Read the findings of people who've studied the impact of sports psychology and how it enables people to WIN!

Ask around at libraries for Norman Triplett's 1898 writings about the effects of an audience on competitive bicycling. Switch it around to the people rooting for you to recover and/or to handle your medical crisis with as much intelligence, class and sophistication as possible. Research by Coleman Griffith of the University of Illinois made him America's father of US sport psychology. Israel's Dr. Gil Goldzweig and Barak Slutzker of Meir Medical Center in Kfar Sava have written compelling material on the sports psychology topic. Find the archived 1986 edition of the first Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. It became a handbook less than a decade later.

The above literature can teach you how to manage stress, how to achieve an optimal level of anxiety and excitement, plus how to think positively. You'll also learn how to filter out negative mental thoughts from yourself or others that would otherwise distract you from going emotionally and mentally forward. You'll be able to make wise choices about your medical care and personal affairs with such knowledge at your service.

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