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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Request to My Readers: Do YOU or Someone You Know Have Prosopagnosia?


9 Iyar 5772

[My apologies! I neglected to make this post go "live" earlier in the day]

You know that I'm an author, but I do have a journalism side to my life. Once in a while I post messages about that on this blog.

I'm developing a feature story about Prosopagnosia, the inability to identify faces. You might have seen the 60 Minutes show about that. My assignment is to interview someone with prosopagnosia.

I need factual information regarding the personal impact  of prosopagnosia on its sufferers and their loved ones, the latest findings on causes, co-morbidities plus treatments, statistics etc. I do not wish to repeat information already available on the Internet. I want to provide original insights from affected persons and their support team (doctors, therapists, friends, relatives).

I'm familiar with Oliver Sacks' The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and The Mind's Eye. I seek newer developments, insights, and successes beyond what is described there.

The angle of my presentation would be telling the story of a person who is face blind. 

In addition to studying available information about Prosopagnosia I need to interview a prosopagnosic (ideally more than 1) willing to let me write of their situation. I am certainly willing to leave out identifying information and allow a person to retain their privacy. I seek only to know the impact of prosopagnosia upon them.

Can you possibly help me to connect with such persons? I'd need proof of their diagnosis, too.

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