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Friday, May 18, 2012

Masculinity and Healing


26 Iyar 5772

I read an Is Social Media too Feminine? article. Then I wondered "How many men are inspired to heal from social media?" One glance at the sites mentioned in the article had my gut churning with big doubts about that.

So I'm giving male readers 
a sneak peek 
into some manliness-oriented 
content of

Here you go:

Spend Time on Spirituality
Shore-up your Spiritual Life in Practical Ways.
A medical challenge can make a person want to question GOD's wisdom and compassion.

Plato spoke throughout the ages when he said, "If the head and the body are to be well, you must begin by curing the soul."

It's easy to be spiritual when life makes sense and rewards seem to follow good deeds. But watching someone suffer or being that sufferer tears at someone's confidence in a loving GOD. The problem calls for an intensified spiritual understanding and appreciation of what is going on in the affected person's life. Challenges can present themselves in mystifying ways. I describe a few of them below and present tools for potential solutions.

The Isolation Challenge: Some people isolate themselves from others as they try to hide painful truths from themselves and others. I call it "Sitting Shiva (mourning) for Yourself." It's a downward road to more suffering that you don't have to take. You can leave that road if you're already on it.

You or your loved one might be finding it difficult to accept comforting words and certain teachings. That's normal. It is not denial of your belief in GOD or a rejection of sound psychological principles. It is a cry of pain.

GOD gave you the challenge you're facing, and He knows better than you do how vulnerable you are to feeling angry, hurt, lost and more. He is also observing how you choose to handle the situation. He is also keeping all possibilities open for your spiritual response to this medical challenge. Among those possibilities are an enhanced relationship with Him, a greater awareness of your capabilities (some are showing up for the first time, others might be improving), and inner growth.

This is an opportunity to let the intellect rule over the emotions. Sounds dull and impossible? Hang on. The reward for letting your intellect rule over your emotions is a richly rewarding, much more meaningful emotional life. And that enriched meaning of life means a lot less stress. And it's all a matter of pretending until you believe in what you're doing. Think of a baby flopping to the floor every time it tries to walk. The baby never lets depression rule the situation. Nope, the baby gets up and tries again. Even if it walks like a Frankenstein monster, the baby will repeat using its legs and feet until he or she hits a smooth stride.

Changing the way we think is the same technique. You flop around until repeated practice helps you to master the task.

Skeptical that you can feel happy? Consider this reality. I've mentioned babies a few times in my text. The reason is this: we are born cheerful. We feel secure, interested in our lives and surroundings. We eventually realize that our thoughts and actions are effective. Happiness is our natural state. It is when other people or circumstances hurt us and we make mistaken conclusions or choose to hold grudges that we fill up, maybe overflow with, feelings of insecurity, boredom, irrelevance, and/or depression. The solution is intellectual and emotional. We need to choose to our focus, to stay with it, and to develop the tenacity to return to states of gratitude, acceptance, and happiness. GOD gave us the tools so it could happen. We have the ability to control how we think and feel!

Here's your homework assignment for Strengthening Your Spiritual Life. Set priorities. You're the first priority, particularly in regard to your physical and spiritual health...

Praying is a priority. To be realistic about it, be honest about the fact that you want to cry, scream, beg and dialogue with GOD. You want answers, help, and an easier life. That stuff tends not to show up in prayer books. My solution? Pray from the heart rather than a script. GOD has more intelligence than you or I can measure. He'll understand you with all the love that a Heavenly Father has. He's with you in all this. If the only prayer you can come up with is to crack your knuckles, sigh or change the speed of your movements in a rocking chair, He'll "get it." Stock up on soothing books, magazines and recordings of spiritual philosophy that help your sense of perspective.

Say these statements out loud: I have to be happy in order to heal. When I am happy, my body chemistry is receptive to healing therapies. Happiness also helps my body to heal itself to some extent.

Now set your next priority.

Say this statement out loud: I need help in order to heal.

Part of the help you need in order to heal is medical. Other necessary help is the love and practical support of people helping you with daily tasks. If you are debating the manliness of receiving such help, I ask that you consider King David, Forefather Jacob and Forefather Isaac. They were very masculine men. And they accepted medical, emotional, and spiritual assistance without losing one iota of their male egos. So has Lance Armstrong, the professional bicyclist who won the body-busting Tour de France seven times in a row after recovering from testicular cancer and metastasis to his brain and lungs...

More content is coming for men. Part 2 is scheduled to appear after the weekend.

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