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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Here's How YOU Can Star in a Blogpost!


17 Av, 5772

The Refua Radio Show is gaining more followers over time. Viewers and readers of this blog have been sending me private messages to let me know of some specific issue they need to finesse in their healing or coping efforts. They ask for relevant information and I share it with them. I receive thank you's, too (and gosh I appreciate those messages).

I'd like to make this blog more interactive. Today's message is your invitation to share some insights (positive and negative) about coping with the ups and downs of illness, disabilities and mental health challenges plus their related issues (and yours!).

Send me a proposed blogpost about what you're facing, how you deal with it in the most optimal fashion, and how that can help other people. 

I'd be delighted if you share 
which page or part of

helped you past some 
problem or other.

I'll choose posts that are tasteful and appropriate, then share them here.

You can also let me know which topics you want me to address in the Refua Radio Show, too. I'm actually planning to change the format to a call-in show. Stay tuned for updates about that.

You can reach me via giveretgolani @ gmail dot-com.

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