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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why Life’s a Work in Progress - and What You Can Do About That


28 Av, 5772

You just learned that you might have a medical problem. 

Your life might even be on the line. 

Or maybe you're facing some other issue that feels like the wrecking ball of your life. There are times I comfort someone deeply unhappy with the way their life is going: abusive relatives or acquaintances (they're definitely NOT friends!), choices that backfired, scary news of some sort. 

Heartache, physical pain, emotional upheaval, mental or physical workouts and expenses of different kinds can be part of the picture. They sap energy and sometimes hope. That's normal.

Are you condemning yourself for pulling back, for withdrawing from some activities and situations? Are you loading up on feel-good calories that will bloat you? Have you done something else you hate to realize? The good news is that you're aware of better choices you can make. Let's look at some of your options.

"The road to success is almost always under construction," I comment to troubled people. "Sometimes you just need time and rest to recover from the strain of it all. Then you can pick up where you left off. You might even have thought through some innovative ideas to help you along. That’s why your life is a work in progress. You work at it, rest, pick up where you left off and watch the progress."

The nifty thing about that recovery period is that it lets you charge up your emotional and physical batteries. That enables you to be exceptional, to rise above the turmoil. How about just coping with the adversity in a way that restores your self-respect? Okay, here are three terrific tips for doing just that:

1.    Make a list of your inner 
negative beliefs
on the left side of 
some paper

2.    List your survival instincts 
in the middle column,
pairing them with the
problems you're facing

3.    On the right margin, 
briefly state the positive 
and negative thoughts
or reactions you have 
to specific problems

Discuss all that with someone who totally respects you and can provide you with insight for how to have a better future. Face your unfolding future with empowering statements of "I will..." such as "I will control my eating behaviors," "I will plan a realistic budget," "I will find out how to behave in better ways with X, Y or Z problems."

You can start crossing off the negativity notes as you make progress with your unfolding future. You're realizing your better self, now. Enjoy the process and take notes on what improves in your life!

Want to learn more can-do ideas 
for coping with 
your illness and/or disability? 


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