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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Does Your Baby's Diaper Pose Health Dangers? Do Your Hygiene Products?


2 Shvat, 5776

It's the Jewish month of Shvat, as I wrote earlier, and time to focus on wholesome nature.

I've blogged before about the dangers posed to the public by manufacturers who add health-harming chemicals into hygiene, cosmetic and household products, here, here, here, and elsewhere.

Think your feminine hygiene products are safe, ladies? Think again.

A scientist and friend just sent me a link to update you about the threats to your whole family's health. You need to read

By the way, if your child wears disposable diapers with a gel to absorb moisture so that you can do fewer diaper changes, ask yourself "Is the convenience worth a risk of causing cancer or other health problems in my little one?" Even non-gel dipes are problematic.

Health food shops carry non-threatening hygiene products. 

Gripe all you want about the price, but consider the cost-effectiveness about dealing with cancers that could have been avoided for a bit more money at the cash register.

Go ahead, look all over the Internet for glyphosate-free and other toxin-free hygiene products. They're on the market.

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