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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hoping to Hear From YOU!


29 Tishrei, 5778

It's been a hard week for many people struggling to cope with all the bad news and soul-searing junk online. So, my readers, I want to share  a message from my heart with you.

In many respects, the blog world is slowing down.

People have been inundated with updates about this or that until they simply can't absorb the shocks anymore. Overwhelmed with too much information, they tend to forget details and wonder what they read online the other day. 

Worse, the ugly news of crimes and agony leave a person needing time off from the 'Net and the news. Emotions need support with upbeat realities. Brains and blood pressures need rest from turmoil.

Some bloggers do their best (me included) to share happiness and empowering updates that leave our readers stronger for the experience. But it's hard to overcome the negativity created by other people.

Statistics from some research organizations indicate that good-hearted people are spending more and more time away from the Internet and broadcast media. The toll of learning which innocents were shot, molested, bombed or betrayed is too much to bear day after day.

Some of us wonder how to live in a world without social media and its mind-numbing, soul-crushing negativity. Pornography, mass casualty events and fear-mongering is not the stuff of a happy life. It bothers normal people..

Meanwhile, some Internet and broadcast media content builds strong minds and positive emotions, even if flamers and reputation-ruiners flail away trying to damage someone.

I spend considerable amounts of time interviewing mental health professionals and clergy of different faiths, or reading relevant materials (part of my research efforts) so I can prepare articles that support public mental health. I long to spend less and less time preparing blogposts, though. Being online is a time-consuming task.

I know that my scribbles help some of my readers. I've read responses to my blogposts from Anna in India, Netivot Girl and Batya in Israel, several men who prefer that I not name them, and a few kids here and there. Still and all, I would appreciate more feedback to my blogposts here and under my individual articles at

I want to know that you consider my efforts helpful, and why. I want to know that I spent my time well, not in futility.

Let me know that you find your reading time under my aegis to be worthwhile. 

Do you feel better off from my efforts? Did you gain knowledge that helped you? Do you need something else that perhaps I can provide?

Let me know.

And let your acquaintances know if you recommend that they read my writings. 

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