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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

YOU are Your own Best Advocate!


3 Tishrei, 5779

It's a new year, ripe with fresh beginnings for everyone on the planet. 

But what if you need help to deal with some medical professional who doesn't seem to be meeting your needs or those of a loved one?

One of the things that many patients find 
hard to do 
is to speak up for themselves.

They're intimidated by the educations and uniforms of medical personnel, and even more intimidated by rude, rushed, and oblivious medical staff members. Some of them have too many patients to care for in a short amount of time, and with limited resources. THAT is the very reason, though, that a person needs to advocate for themselves in a medical setting and with a medical situation. 

You need to command 
the focused attention 
of the medical professionals 
who are supposed to 
care for your needs!

It's one thing to feel bewildered by everything that's going on and another to be additionally limited by medical care that seems to be missing in action. It makes a person even more scared to speak up, though they're panicking that something is going terribly wrong. 

They wonder what to do, "Speak up, or stay quiet and let the doctors, technicians, nurses and orderlies do their work?" The inner debate doesn't necessarily solve problems and it sure doesn't calm down worried people aka patients and their loved ones.

The truth is that you need to advocate for yourselves - especially when you sense that things are not proceeding in optimal fashion

The story below points out the necessity of "Self Advocacy." The irony of the  event was that two board-certified doctors, the parents of the sickly child, were being ignored, abused, and made frantic as their child's life was jeopardized by insufficient medical care. 

Read all about that in

Hair-raising stuff. We seek out medical professionals to heal us or to minimize our medical problems. When they aren't prepared to do so, or resist the need to care for us appropriately, YOU have a call to action.

Learn what to do when you read the "YOU are your own best advocate" section in

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