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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

What to do When Narcissists Prey on People at Large, Including YOU!


30 Tishrei, 5779

Narcissists are a perplexing, painful topic. They are me-oriented people who do not hesitate to harm someone in order to elevate themselves. Worse, they lie and confuse their victims by misrepresenting facts and intentions. 

There's one specific sort of personality on which narcissists prey most often and with special vigor: Empaths.

Empaths are highly intuitive people with finely tuned sensitivities to the people and environment about them. Giving, altruistic, and sometimes naive, empaths can be helpful to a fault: theirs. They give too much, wearing themselves out. Empaths need to focus on boundaries, limits that protect their inner and outer health.

Narcissists tend to abuse the giving nature of empathic people, taking advantage of their time, focus, and energy. Sometimes they steal items or damage reputations, too. It's an expression of the narcissist's  manipulative "Me, me, me" mindset.

Want to end the problem, or at least to minimize it?

I recommend that you read 

The book is filled with proven strategies for protecting yourself from unusually selfish people, narcissists included, even if you're not an empath.

As Dr. Orloff writes in her book-related blog, "In my book The Empath’s Survival Guide I discuss that empaths must strike a balance of energy going out and energy coming in. Sensitive people have such big hearts that they often err on the side of giving too much to friends, family, spouses, and children. This wears you out.

Back to my book review: A comforting and easy to understand book without psychological jargon, The Empath’s Survival Guide  can educate the average reader into understanding what and why some perplexing things are going on. The book holds can-do self-protection strategies. 

There's another bonus to the book: It holds insights into the nature of being an empath. Such people have sensitivities that are a bit different from the norm. Noise, physical proximity (how closely you're sitting, standing or sleeping near someone), social interactions and other things tend to drain an empath's energy, leaving the empath feeling unhappy or irritated. The Empath’s Survival Guide offers ideas on how to de-stress, how to prevent stress, and how to finesse stress when you're stuck in some situation or other.

There's an upside to being empathic, too: Empaths are far more aware of various realities than most people would be. Empaths know someone's mood before encountering them or soon after sharing face time with crowds or individuals. That lets them interact with people in some highly powerful, productive ways.

There's more to know about being an empath, and much to look forward to by having the gift of empathic insight. You'll learn about that in the book.

I've reviewed Dr. Orloff's books for years, and recommend them highly. 

If a narcissist is bothering you, read The Empath’s Survival Guide.

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