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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tanning Yourself to Death?


13 Shvat 5770

Sigh. You want to look attractive so you've tanned your skin professionally. That's not a good thing for long-term health.
Cancer, blindness, even losing your skin are very real risks of Tan Parlor treatments.

How serious is the situation?
America's Federal Trade Commission (a regulatory agency) found the Indoor Tanning Association GUILTY of deceptive advertising. As in lying about the alleged safety of indoor tanning beds/parlors.

Want to make the most of your life, and keep it for as long as possible? Focus on your character. Make IT appealing and let your appearance rely on excellent hygiene, a reasonable wardrobe and that winning smile you'll improve on over time. Superficial touches such as fake tans are not going to make life meaningful. Though I appreciate the enduring datelessness and loneliness fear that motivates some tanning efforts, dying in agony and far before you might have is not a solution to the problem.

Readers, the dangers of indoor tanning are not news. I read about that when I was a teen decades ago. Photos of men and women made grotesque by self-inflicted damage was sad beyond immediate comprehension. The poor self-images that led to the disasters, the greed and fraud of practitioners preying on vulnerable customers, and the cost of coping with the nightmare is too much to describe in a blogpost.

If you're miserable over your circumstances, make productive efforts to improve on them: counseling, rewarding hobbies and involvement with "giving to others" activities. Treat yourself to desirable theater, travel or other entertainment to boost your moods and worldview. But don't try to silence sadness with doomed efforts.

Hmm, you're annoyed with my message? I understand. Let's compromise. Get regular, professional facials in a Department of Health-certified salon (organic, safe facial products are my personal recommendation). Men and women need healthy skin. And all of us want a healthy glow. Facials can help you with that. When you look in the mirror after each appointment or home treatment, watch for someone familiar smiling back at you.

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