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Friday, January 8, 2010

Who Can Help with Health Crisis Issues?


22 Tevet 5770

Readers, it literally brings tears to my eyes when I receive touching messages about how my manuscript helps people in expected, and in unexpected, ways.

Here's an E-mail message that arrived to my monitor last night:

"I recently came across your
new workbook and although I have
not read through it completely,
it looks like a wonderful tribute
and very useful resource.

I have come across MANY coaches,
worldwide, who are working as
Health Coaches and only two
who work with health crisis issues,
you and one other!

I am in the process of developing
a systematic approach to dealing
with those precious souls
who are afflicted so severely
with the intention of focusing
my Coaching talents in this area.

Could you please direct me to
the work of others who Coach
in this area?

Have you any pearls of wisdom for me?

Would you be interested in assisting me
in my thinking as my approach
takes shape...?

Thanks -
Chris Boyd
Man Alive Foundation: Cape Town S. Africa"

Here's my reply to Chris. It came from the depths of my heart:

Thank you for contacting me, Chris.
The only pearls of wisdom
I can share are:

"1. The supply of health-crisis coaches
depends on people with sharp personal
insight, knowing from the gut what the
fear, pain and obstacles can be and
personal experience at solving
those problems. It's not a field for

2. The dread that the average person has
of death and illness pretty much
limits the possibilities for studying
the discipline of health coaching.
You necessarily deal with
death and dying issues,
prohibitive expenses,
gut-wrenching decisions,
heartache and other forms of pain.

It takes nerves of steel
gentle hearts to study and coach,
or to experience all that.
And a LOT of inner work.

We can keep a dialogue going if you wish."

What do YOU think of the above exchange, readers?

Bear in mind that coaching is designed for short-term relationships that focus on defining/setting goals and on making a better use of time, rather than on long-term situations and life/death issues that generally leave far too little time for reflection, research and budgetary boosts (financial crises abound with medical issues).

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Yocheved Golani
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