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Wednesday, January 20, 2010



5 Shvat 5770

YUK! While editing a multi-media presentation's content for one of my Writing Services clients, I learned that many cosmetics and hair care items (shampoos, crème rinses) for men and women contain something called Xenoestrogens. They're synthetic versions of the human body's hormones. They might make you look glamorous But WOW do they mess up health!

Diagnos- Techs Lab in Washington State ran relevant tests and discovered the problem.

Check out this Warning I learned as I edited those materials:

Some manufacturers use lower than minimally permitted amounts of synthetic hormones, hoping to slip in under the detection radar of regulatory agencies. Or, they use the chemicals on some runs but not others, conning customers into preferring specific brands while the cunning manufacturer appears to obey health regulations. Not only will that leave you wondering why your hair, skin and energy qualities aren't consistent over time, it will also make you wonder why your sexual functions are off-kilter.

Which sexual functions? Perfomance and fertility for starters. Monthly cycles in women, too.

I know it sounds trite and boring, but folks, please use simple hygiene products that only get you clean. Your hormonal system does not tolerate tampering.

Make a list of what you need on your bathroom shelves and counters, and in your cosmetics bag. Buy it all at a natural health care shop.

Cry if you need to. And learn to dry your tears. THAT can help you to

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